Referrals – It’s All About Mindset

I hear people talking about how they would really like to get more referrals and to grow their business, yet I rarely hear the opposite “I’d like to give more referrals to help encourage others to refer me”. Why is that?

It seems most are conditioned to thinking “When I make more money, I’ll help others” instead of, “If I help others do well then I will get more.” The latter thinking is in line with BNI’s (Business Network International) Giver’s Gain philosophy, of the more I give the more I will get in return.

One of my favorite sayings is “Give without remembering and receive without forgetting”. You shouldn’t have to keep track of who and what you’ve given, if you’ve given for the right reasons; yet never forget the kindness and support of others who gave freely to you.

Join me on September 12th Referral Mindset webinar.  I will be talking about the “Three Levels of Referrals” Learn how to develop a Referral Mindset, one month at a time, giving time in between calls to implement what you’ve learned. It’s like having a full training course with time in between to put it into practice.  Register for the September call – here:  3 Levels Of Referrals

Referral Mindset – Making the Most of Your Networking Events

What can I say? There is always so much to learn from Jennifer Beale , UnLeash PR that a one hour webinar simply isn’t enough. This month Jennifer shared a number of tips with us; everything from when to collect a business card and when not to, right down to why planning for your networking event is extremely important.

Jennifer and I talked about looking for clients, referral sources & partners along with how to get away from the person who seems to be tying up your time.
You can find out more about Jennifer Beale at and

The next Referral Mindset call is on September 12 at 7:30 PM. To register click on 3 Levels of Referrals

Listen in on our one hour call.

“What will you do differently at your next networking event?”

Referral Mindset – July 2012 Webinar

On our July Referral Mindset call, guest speaker Dean Jones, small business expert, talked about “Why your brand is so important for networking & referrals”.

It’s important to know who you are and what you represent, before you can draft a clear message for both networking and referrals.

Let Dean give you food for thought in identifying your true (personal) brand so your message stands out and reflects the true “you”.  He says it’s all about core values and what is most important to you because this comes through in every message (personal and business).  This is how you develop your guiding principles and mission statements.  Listen to our call and then tell us:

How will you change your marketing message or what was your one big take way from the call?